Reggae-Inspired Clothing Promotes Acceptance

With COVID-19 quarantining students in their homes, many were given the time to turn their dreams into reality. This was the case for the Judge Not team. Three students at PV, Gavin Berk, John Evans, and Alex Tucholke, wanted to create their own clothing line. Their goal was always to create an impact. The name, Judge Not, was inspired by a Bob Marley song since the lyric best represents their values as a group in that everyone should be able to live their life judgment-free. It all began in March of this year. 

“We started off with just a few sales, I took orders down on pen and paper and people would have to text me personally to put an order in,” said Evans, one of the founders of the business.

There has been a lot more growth for the company since then. Their Instagram followers are now in the triple digits, and everything on their website is sold out. They’ve also added new products like beanies and crewnecks.

“Now it’s November of 2020, we have our own website, we deliver and ship all of our products, we have people we’ve sponsored for skateboarding, snowboarding, music production, and athletes, and we have 220 followers on Instagram,” said Evans.

Their reason for creating this company was to spread positivity. The core of the brand is the message of acceptance and being able to live life to the fullest. They also value mental health. Recently, they were able to donate some of the profits to a suicide prevention organization. They plan to continue donating to different organizations for every new drop. 

When the group got to see their products for the first time, they were ecstatic. 

“When we got our first products in hand, it was the best feeling. Seeing all of our hard work become a tangible and real product made us all very excited and optimistic,” said Evans.

The group had to deal with lots of stress to be able to create their business. All of the planning, designing, delivery, and organizing can be a lot. Although there were difficulties, they were able to overcome them and have fun working together to create the business. 

For anyone looking to start a business like the Judge Not team, they have some advice. “You’re going to fail, you’re going to struggle, and you’re going to want to quit. The best thing you can do for yourself is to remind yourself why you started it in the first place. In business and in life, you have to take risks, believe in yourself, sometimes it’s a leap of faith,” said Evans.

To keep up with the Judge Not team, visit their website where they also have a link to the official Instagram account. 

Photo: Brooke Weinburg