Our Farewell to Mr. Glanski

It’s no secret that sports at Perkiomen Valley make up a large part of all our high school experiences.  The athletic department has always highlighted the many aspects of sports that make them so enjoyable and memorable for everyone at Perk Valley. It goes without saying that following any sporting endeavour comes with its own set of territory, the camaraderie, the excitement; all things most everyone relishes.  

However, it is the people, either in the spotlight or background, who make these activities so special. This past month, one of PV’s most prominent staff members, Mr. Glanski, retired. Mr. Glanksi has been working at Perk Valley for the past 34 years. 

“It all began at PV when I was hired in August 1986 as an assistant football coach,” Glanski said, which was two months after he graduated from Kutztown University earlier that year.  

While sports have always been of interest to Mr. Glanski as he played football, wrestled, and threw shot and discus for track in high school as well as played football in college, it wasn’t until 18 years after he was working at PV full time before he actually joined the athletic department team. Glanski graduated with an undergrad degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Education from Kutztown University. 

At the end of October, during the 1986 school year, he was hired as a paraprofessional to help students who were having trouble with their reading skills. His coaching skills did not go unnoticed. 

“Beginning in late November I was hired to be an assistant wrestling coach, then in the spring, I was hired to coach track & field,”  Glanksi said.

By the end of the 86-87 school year, Glanksi was offered a long-term substitute teaching position to teach Driver Education and it was clear he was quickly acquiring a proper footing in Perk Valley’s workforce. Glanski, however, was persistent about finding a job at the elementary level. 

“I thought I would teach Drivers Ed for a year… but along the way I really began liking coaching and teaching high school students,”  he said. 

At the high school, by coincidence, Glanski’s classroom was right next to the Athletic Department’s Office.  He soon became well acquainted with everyone there.  

“Between classes I often visited the staff and became increasingly interested in what they did in that office,” Glanski said.

 It was not long after that Glanski went for his second Masters degree in Sports Administration and became an Athletic Director after attending West Chester University.  

Mr. Glanski never failed to make his teaching all about the students.  He describes his favorite part about working at PV as, “getting to know them and watch them and their teams develop and improve over the course of a season.”  

Looking back, Glanski stated, although he mentions it would be impossible to pick a favorite moment, that he was grateful to have such a good team behind him in doing what he loved. “I was fortunate to work with a lot of great staff members and students.”  

As for the future, his advice for the upcoming students and department is, “to keep playing, no matter what the scoreboard says…even when we are ahead on the scoreboard it is critical to keep playing.” 

PV has had its fair share of comebacks throughout the years and Glanski has been diligently working behind-the-scenes, alway watching and encouraging Vikings to be proud.  He attributes the players’ “poise and determination” as the reason for PV always prevailing on and off the field.  From everyone at PV, we thank Mr. Glanski for all that he has done and wish him luck with everything in the future. 

Photo: Isabella Ewing