Football, Cheerleading, and Marching Band Programs Send off Seniors Amidst Pandemic

With the strike of the COVID-19 pandemic, the seniors from football, cheerleading, and marching band were unsure if they would get to step onto the field at all in 2020, much less have a senior night celebration. However, after taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety of everyone at the event, Perkiomen Valley High School managed to send off their senior football players, cheerleaders, and marching band members in a modified senior night.

The senior night events took place before the October 30th game against the Pope John Paul II Panthers. The cheerleaders were graduating five seniors, the marching band graduated nineteen seniors, and the football team sent off twenty-one players and two managers. These seniors worked extremely hard throughout their high school careers to end up at the annual senior night.

“These Seniors worked 11 months a year for 3 years as part of our program to play the sport they love and I hope they reflect positively on that effort and are proud of the legacy and mark that they will leave on PV Football history,” said head football coach Mr. Heist.

Photo: Sarah Strausberg

Of course, the 2020 senior night looked a bit different than it had in past years. Everyone had to practice social distancing, not as many fans and family members were able to attend, the marching band did not get to perform, and there was no reception before the game. With that being said, the seniors were still announced and able to reveal their future plans and shared their favorite moments from the programs. 

Macy Wallace was named one of the senior captains of the cheerleading squad this season and shared her thoughts on senior night.

“COVID-19 impacted Senior Night this year in many ways, the largest impact being everyone was very distanced and there were not as many fans as usual,” commented Wallace, “but it was still very special!”

Another senior cheerleading captain, Madison Schweitzer, reflected on her favorite moment from cheerleading at PV. 

“My best memory from being a cheerleader is making All American at cheer camp sophomore year with my best friend Macy Wallace,” said Schweitzer.

The marching band seniors were impacted by COVID-19 as well, but senior Rachel Leinhauser reflected on the positive experience she had in the program.

“My favorite part of marching band is the people that are part of it,” said Leinhauser.

While this year’s seniors did not get to experience the full festivities from past years, this night was somewhat even more special since the entire season was up in the air.

Photo: Isabella Ewing