Haunted House Continues to Scare During Pandemic

Halloween does not look the same this year as it did last year or any years before that, but organizations that run Halloween activities such as corn mazes, hay rides, and haunted houses, are doing the best they can to stay in business, while still being safe. 

Pennhurst has opened their doors to anybody looking for a good scare. Here is how “Pennsylvania’s Most Terrifying Haunted Attraction” is handling COVID precautions. 

Their website states that customers’ temperatures will be read upon entry, customers must make an appointment, and workers will be sanitizing the area as customers move through. Customers also have to wear a mask the entire time, there will be sanitizing stations, and customers must stay within their small groups.

Despite these measures, some customers felt unsafe because of touching, and also because of other difficulties maintaining social distancing measures.

“It was a mob scene inside the house and workers touched us when they said they wouldn’t,” Ryan Teti, a customer, said. “I did not really feel safe, more could have been done.” 

Pennhurst could not be reached for comment because their phone was disabled, but they do address social distancing on their website: “visual and auditory aids will remind guests to please adhere to our social distancing practices and to keep masks on.”

“Definitely more could have been done,” Caroline Citrone, another customer, said. “The performers did [touch me], like a lot. They were not supposed to touch us due to COVID.”

Others commented on the inability of crowds to social distance.

“I felt safe but there was definitely corona everywhere,” Kaitlyn Waligun, who went to Pennhurst, said. “It is just like the boardwalk, no matter what you say people are not going to social distance,” she added.