Faults with Hybrid

By: Wyatt Menci

Recently, another group of PVHS students has joined the freshman at the brick-and-mortar school: the seniors. Now, instead of sitting in front of screens for seven hours a day with four-minute breaks, they get to go to school and sit in front of a screen for seven hours a day with four-minute breaks. On top of this, many classes are still in the Zoom call with all of the virtual kids, so what’s the point of going to school in the first place?  

Many of the seniors returning to school begin their morning by having to wake up way earlier than ten minutes before class starts, which is a terrible experience, and then get in their cars and drive to school (at least most seniors aren’t on a Covid-infested bus). 

Upon arriving at school, the seniors begin to go through the motions of a normal school day and probably realize that whoever thought it would be easier to learn sitting on a hard plastic chair in a cinder block room rather than the comfort of their own home had it way wrong. “I don’t like how empty the classrooms are, it doesn’t have the same energy as last year,” said Aneesh Anandanatarajan, a high school senior. 

Next up, lunch, where everyone is sitting in a big open room six feet apart and, who knew, eating lunch while you’re in a room surrounded by other students is somehow even more depressing than eating by yourself at home.  

In my opinion, the end of the day is the worst part. When virtual, the end of the school day involves pressing a button and literally nothing else; but, in school, you have to get up, walk somewhere, drive somewhere, and then walk again. It just feels like a very unnecessary hassle.  

Of course, going back to school is a relief for some people. Although the social aspect of the normal school day isn’t fully there, at least it’s more than a student receives at home; face-to-face human interaction with someone besides your family is a great thing to have. Even though going back to school can feel like a virtual school in a different setting, it can be a much-needed change of scenery for some. So, remember to wear your mask, and good luck to everyone if and when you return to school.