Students’ Guide to Breakout Rooms

With the Coronavirus running rampant across the country, many school districts, including Perkiomen Valley, have gone virtual. And as with any new experience, there are new challenges to discover and overcome;  virtual learning is no different.  Whether that be a teacher learning how to use technology, or a student debating whether or not to leave their class with the press of a button, there are plenty of new experiences in learning online.  

One of the biggest differences of online learning is the breakout rooms, where students are placed in small virtual meetings without the teacher; the best part is that if the students don’t know each other, it’s the most awkward situation of their entire lives.  One-by-one students join the breakout rooms and stare at the blank faces or even the blank screens of their classmates debating whether we are going to talk or just sit there. Nine out of ten times we just sit there.  

All over PV, students will ask things in breakout rooms and receive blank stares as a response basically like talking to a brick wall.  So that is why I’m writing this article, to serve as a handbook for students to give them literally anything to talk about in these dreaded breakout rooms.

Things to talk about in Breakout Rooms

  1. Your favorite animal, and if it’s not a shark you should probably change it.
  2. Applesauce, everyone likes applesauce unless you’re allergic to apples.
  3. Sports! And if you don’t watch sports then just sit there I guess.
  4. Any pets someone has, like a lizard
  5. Ask “what are we supposed to be doing” and if no one knows then it sounds like you have a bigger problem on your hands.
  6. Don’t mention the coronavirus, we have all had the conversation a million times.
  7. How good this article is.
  8. The recommended 2 hours of screen time and how with the help of PV you surpass it every day.
  9. Actually, talk about the assignment you’re supposed to be doing. If you feel like it.
  10. Don’t mention we lost to Spring-Ford cause… ya know.

With these tips, hopefully breakout rooms are no longer the most uncomfortable part of your entire day,  and you’ll actually have something to talk about.  But in all seriousness, hopefully breakout rooms soon come to an end and the world starts to begin turning back to normal, and we’ll no longer have to sit in front of a screen for six hours a day.

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