Thomas J. Keenan Stadium Appears Empty Due to CDC Guidelines

Remember when students could go watch and support their friends, peers, school, etc. at their high school sports game? Being able to sit in the stands with friends or family and cheer seems like a thing from the past. With the new COVID regulations regarding high school sports, it is possible none of that will occur this year. 

Fans or no fans, which will it be? Each sport is handling fans in the stadium differently. Of course, the health and safety of players and spectators are paramount in the eyes of the commissioners. 

Boys’ soccer changed their rules to fit the guidelines this year and they might surprise you. 

Owen Slack said, “Before each home game, each athlete is given two tickets and they can give them to two people of their choice.” 

He later followed up with, “As a team, I think it will help us stay focused more with less distractions.”

Regarding girls’ field hockey and the rules that come with it, Jordyne Stong said, “The PAC  has decided that parents are only allowed at home games but since we aren’t playing at our school we are unable to have fans.” 

Jordyne later said, “It’s really upsetting that there is no one to cheer us on, and watch us play, and support us.” Jordyne was surprised by the new rules and can say the same for her teammates.

Girls’ soccer rules are a bit different than the boys.

Junior, Gianna Mallee said, “ “Parents will not be able to attend any away games as of right now. But they are allowed to attend home games but have to be distanced.”

Nobody knows what the future holds, but some of the players are very hopeful and are keeping a positive attitude towards all of this. By the time spring sports come around for the 2021 season, players are optimistic that things will return to the way they were before COVID-19 and we can move on with a more normal season.