Creative Face Masks Usher New Fashion Savvy to COVID Safety

    Every trend has to start somewhere. Gen Z is known to grab different fashion trends from all over the world so would it be wrong to say they’ve grabbed mask trends during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

             Although Gen Z has led this new mask fashion, trends usually start, some might say, in magazines, from celebrities, or maybe from the catwalk.

             Some celebrities are hosting mask contests like actress Kristen Bell with the help of Vistaprint. You can also take a look at the latest award ceremonies. At the VMAs, you could see all kinds of celebrities and their take on mask fashion. Lady Gaga was one to show countless different masks that night, even one that could light up in sync with the music of her songs. 

Winter, Kevin “MTV VMAs 2020/Getty Images for MTV (3)” Us Weekly

 “I don’t really keep up with celebrities but if masks had celebrity mottos or little symbols that are related to that celebrity, that would be great for masks. If a mask had Harry Styles’ motto, ‘treat people with kindness,’ or a little watermelon in the corner that would be great,” senior Siobhan Mayr says. 

     Now in high school, masks might not be as extravagant, but what will it look like when we head back to school? 

“I would go along with what people are doing-especially if I like the style. I don’t feel it as pressure — it’s more like a trend. With clothing, people often follow what others do, so it’s the same with masks,” Megan MacWade, a junior at PV, says.

MacWade’s point raises a good question: will there be a PVHS trend of Viking masks or will everyone just settle for a plain black mask?

    Whether it’s a plain mask or a pattern mask it surely can spice up your style. 

“I think that fashion with masks is slowly becoming more and more a part of everyday life, so it makes sense that people want them to look as fashionable as they can,” freshman Samantha Shoenewald said. Senior John Baranowski agrees, saying, “Definitely, there is a fashion with masks. I think there is a stigma around not wearing a cloth mask over a medical one. People think they look more put together with a fancier mask.”

   As we continue to watch this school year of 2020-2021 develop, be on the lookout for new mask trends when we return to school. Will Perkiomen Valley High School be mask fashion conscious?