Information on Retrieving Items From the High School Announced

The past few weeks, the Perkiomen Valley High School administration has talked about a plan for students to retrieve any personal items left at the school in light of the end of the school year. This past Monday, based on a form sent out the previous week of May 25, an email announced a schedule and procedure for pick up. The chosen days of retrieval will be June 5, 8, and 9, basing the order on seniority of students. Seniors will be allowed in on June 5, the following scheduled day will be Juniors, Sophomores, and a few Freshmen, while the rest of the 9th graders will be allowed in on June 9. 

For safety, the administration requires each student to wear a mask upon entry and while picking up items. As well, staff members will be on site to guide students entry into locker rooms or to escort students who need to go into classrooms. In addition, the email claims that there will be two different entrances depending on where a student needs to go; the competition gym doors are reserved for locker room entry and the front entrance doors for classroom entry, both marked with “spots on the ground to meet social distancing guidelines.”

While safety is the main concern for the procedures, the administration also wants to give each student a chance to retrieve their items and strongly suggest “exit[ing] the building and depart[ing] in your vehicle from the front loop in a timely fashion.” The focus of the scheduled pick up is the times, wanting to limit the number of students in the building at once by giving a designated time to each student. 

Because only so many students are allowed inside at a time, students are expected to be quick in this process” when entering the building “to allow for efficiency for other students.” Each student will only have about ten minutes to pick up items before the next few students need to be allowed entry into the building. 

While it is not the most ideal circumstance to say goodbye to a school year, retrieving items will be the last time students see the school before summer begins. Just be sure to follow safety procedures and stay safe as the last farewells are said to the 2019-2020 school year.