Senior Awards Night Hosted Virtually to Praise PV Students

On Wednesday, May 27, the annual Perkiomen Valley High School senior awards night took place virtually through a Facebook Live event. Typically, the event would have taken place at school and all of the awards would have been given to recipients on the spot, but due to the circumstances with COVID-19, Dr. Moss, the PVHS lead principal, announced the award winners live from her home. 

Dr. Moss honored many students with accolades that carried a variety of prizes, such as a monetary stipend, a trophy, a cord to wear during graduation, and a certificate. Some of the awards are donated from outside organizations and people, while some are given directly from the school.

“To me, the senior awards represent the culmination of so many students’ careers at Perkiomen Valley. While it’s not a perfect system, as not every student is recognized, it can be a very powerful moment for those who are,” Kendall Trumbore, a recipient of multiple awards, including the PV Graphic Design Alumni Award and the PV Art Centre Award, says. 

Awards range from category to category, including academics, activities and athletics, service and spirit, the arts, and perfect attendance. 

One recipient, Ryann Piperno, was surprised to win multiple awards of academic achievement, including the Math Achievement “A” Award and the Scholastic Awards for Highest Average in both science and social studies.

“I definitely wasn’t expecting to win so many. I was shocked! My mom and I were laughing at our kitchen table and my name was announced over and over. I am just so grateful and I’m thankful to attend a school that recognizes students’ accomplishments in all departments,” she says. 

Another big award-winner in the activity and athletics category was Jonathan Moccia, PV football’s starting running-back, who received the $1,000 Brendan Murray Memorial “Love of the Game” Award, given to a senior player who exemplifies tenacity, loyalty, selflessness, strength, and leadership. 

“The ‘Love of the Game’ award means a lot to me. I love the game of football and that’s why I’m continuing to play another four years in college. This award was special because I felt that it was almost an award for how much time I put into the game of football, whether that’s working out with my teammates or outside running and doing speed and agility drills when no one is watching. I’m grateful for the award and almost shocked that I won it,” Moccia says. 

The senior awards are overall a well-liked way to praise students for their work and achievement at PVHS. 

“When I received my awards, I felt as though my hard work, both academically and artistically, had been seen on a school-wide scale. Plus, I’m getting the financial aid I need, which is the obvious added bonus!” Trumbore sums up. 

Congratulations to all of the seniors on completing their high school career and congratulations to those who received senior awards this past Wednesday! 

Photo Source: Image taken from PVHS Facebook