PV Sports Interview: Joe Gorla

Many students, athletes, and artistic people come and go through the doors of Perkiomen Valley High School. Some names stick around as unforgettable for many reasons. Either they were great in academics, athletics, super talented in music/theater/ art and overall just a memorable person. 

    One student who has walked the halls is Joe Gorla. He graduated in 2018. He played baseball, was a good student, and while coming up with an article idea his name came up. He was a link leader who left an impression on people. 

    Gorla is attending Lehigh right now and is on track to graduate in 2022 with a major in Finance. 

Q.What made you choose Lehigh?

A. I chose Lehigh because it is an incredible academic school and also I was given the opportunity to fulfill my goal of playing division 1baseball. The mix of athletics and academics, along with the reputation that Lehigh has in the business world is what led to my decision.

Q. What are you majoring in? Did you know what you wanted to major in before leaving highschool?

A. I am majoring in finance on an analytical finance track which focuses on both accounting and finance. Coming out of high school I knew I wanted to major in finance or accounting so it was just a matter of deciding what path I wanted to take.

Q.What is the biggest life lesson college has taught you so far?

A. My biggest life lesson from college is to manage your time and to take advantage of free time. As an athlete my schedule is crazy especially in season so it is very important to stay on top of school work and to take advantage of free time to get ahead on work.

Q. Do you still keep in touch with any high school friends?

A. I do still keep in touch with a few high school friends. I am still with my high school girlfriends, Emily Bazemore, so I have her and a few close friends that I talk to daily.

Q. One memory that is vivid from high school?

A. One memory that is really vivid from high school is my baseball senior night when I hit a homerun with my family and childhood friends in the crowd. That moment stands out to me the most.

Q. One piece of advice for highschoolers now?

A. That there is always something to be done. In college the school work tends to look very spread out especially on the syllabus but it will pile up if you procrastinate. Staying on top of school work has really helped me over the past year and a half.