Podcast Central: An Interesting Place to Be

While music is dear to my heart and will never be replaced as a constant go-to mood lifter, I’ve recently begun to listen to podcasts. Inspired by friends and family, I took to Spotify (the only streaming service I know with podcasts besides the actual Apple app) and discovered loads of great podcast content. 

Spotify is a great tool to use for podcast discoveries because not only do they have the actual podcasts, but also playlists and charts like “Podcast Essentials” and “Spooky Stories” that feature a variety of episodes from different podcasts that all fit the category of the playlist. 

Spotify also creates genre-esque lists, ranging from “Comedy” to “True Crime”, where you can find some of the most popular podcast shows. Being a true crime, comedy, and education enthusiast, I have discovered some of my favorite podcasts and many to put on my listen-to list via this Spotify tool.

One podcast my sister and I share a love for is Morbid: A True Crime Podcast, hosted by an autopsy technician and a hairstylist. It features episodes discussing some of the most popular, morbid, true crime stories, often diving into famous serial killers’ lives and certain creepy cases. 

Another podcast I love to listen to while I work, run, or clean is TED Talks Daily, which features some popular and most recent TED talks. This podcast peaks my interest because TED talks are super informative, but can also be silly and fun, so a podcast where I could find all of them at my discretion was a golden treasure. 

A few other podcasts I’ve been meaning to listen to include Ologies with Alie Ward, The Daily by the New York Times, Teenager Therapy, and Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! from NPR. 

No matter the podcast, I highly recommend you try it out if you can. Podcasts are great to listen to when you’re multitasking or not paying enough attention to watch a TV show, but want something to listen to in the background. They’re informative, silly, and even easy to create if you wanted to try your own! Goodbye quarantine boredom, and hello podcast central!

Sources: Spotify

Photo Source: unitedwayaustin.org