PV Sports Interview: Justin Jaworski

Many students, athletes, and artistic people come and go through the doors of Perkiomen Valley High School. Some names stick around as unforgettable for many reasons. Either they were great in academics, athletics, super talented in the arts, or overall just a memorable person. 

    One student who has walked the halls is Justin Jaworski. He graduated in 2017. He played basketball, was a good student, and he was a link leader who left an impression on people. 

    Jaworski is attending Lafayette right now and is on track to graduate in 2021 with a major in Economics.

Q.What made you choose Lafayette?

A. Coach O was one of the only coaches who gave me the chance by offering me a scholarship, it is close to home so my family could come see me play, and it was a good academic opportunity.

Q. What are you majoring in? Did you know what you wanted to major in before leaving high school?

A. I am majoring in Economics. I had no idea what I wanted to do coming out of high school and this ended up being something that was interesting to me.

Q.What is the biggest life lesson college has taught you so far?

A. Just tearing my ACL and meniscus recently. From that I learned that it was a blessing to get to play basketball every day, even days I didn’t really want to, so just not to take things like that for granted.

Q. Do you still keep in touch with many high school friends?

A. My closest friend groups have all stayed close, I haven’t really been in touch with people outside of my close circle as much.

Q. One memory that is vivid from high school?

A. Just the entire senior basketball season, getting the 1 seed in districts, winning our championship, and beating Roman in states.

Q. One piece of advice for high schoolers now?

A. Enjoy the experience. It’s really easy to wish away time because you are excited about college but just to enjoy your 4 years in a great spot like PV!