10 Things to do When You’re Bored of Being Bored

  1. Take a photograph of something starting with each letter of the alphabet (Ex. apple for A, bird for B, car for C…) and share it with the world. 
  2. Find someone else in your household to do a cooking show with, or do it by yourself! Put on aprons, get a recipe, and compete! 
  3. Make homemade pasta. There are tons of videos on YouTube about how to do this. Some are even made by Italian grandmothers, so you know the pasta will be good! 
  4. Make a how-to video for something you know how to do and post it on YouTube (or keep it for yourself!). How-to videos can be really fun to make and are super informative for others if you do decide to share it!
  5. Plan a dream vacation. This takes a lot of time but the end result is awesome! Start with a location, how many people you will bring and who, find a place to stay, create a budget, and plan an itinerary full of fun things to do on your vacation!
  6. Learn how to do pen and pencil tricks with your hand. This is a talent that is super cool to not only be able to do, but to show off as an impressive skill to friends and family!
  7. Learn how to beatbox. Beatboxing is another talent that is super impressive, but often hard to do. Watch a few videos and try your best!
  8. Write a joke book, stand-up set, or SNL-like skit. These can be super funny and hilarious, especially when you add your own twist!
  9. Design a dress for the Met Gala or a red-carpet event. Make it as weird and fun as you want! You can even apply a theme to it, like the Met Gala does!
  10. Finally, watch an informative documentary! There are tons of great ones on streaming services like Netflix. I also personally like Frontline documentaries! 

Photo source: walrus.ca