Protesting Corona Lockdowns is Foolish and Dangerous

On April 20, 2020, protesters flocked to Harrisburg, PA, to protest against the stay at home order issued by Governor Tom Wolf. Not only is protesting completly idiotic, it is also extremely dangerous and counterintuitive. 

From all over the state, and some coming from Ohio, men and women, clad in protective gear, armed with weapons and packed into trucks, came to the steps of the capitol building to  scream at Governor Wolf and what they believe are his un-American policies.

As if it isn’t already obvious, the subject of their protests will only gain them more time inside, since being in close proximity to other people is the easiest way to spread viruses, especially ones like Covid-19. In fact, several states saw a spike in case numbers after protests, including Kentucky and Michigan. 

The sheer irony the protesters exhibit is not lost on anyone with basic thinking skills. People gathering in large crowds, saying they have the right to go out, while also wearing masks and protective equipment. Their chief complaint is that coronavirus is a flu, and less deadly (despite medical officials saying this is not the case). If they believe corona to be less infectious than the flu, why would they bother with masks and gloves? 

Pennsylvania has been on a complete stay at home order statewide since April 1. Recently, the governor had to expand the order until May 8, at which time only certain counties will be taken off of the order in favor of what the Governor Wolf calls “aggressive mitigation.” Pennsylvania has not yet flattened the curve, and cases continue to grow by over a thousand a day on average. The more cases that amount, the more time residents have to stay at home.

Being asked to stay home and not go to the movie theater or hair salon is not a violation of any rights. It’s one of the easiest things to do, and can save countless lives. Any form of social interaction that doesn’t follow the CDC guidelines regarding safe distance and protective equipment puts everyone at risk. Whenever you think that stay at home orders don’t apply to you for any reason, think about your loved ones who you can’t live without, think about the stranger you pass who is immunocompromised, and remember that this will be over quickly so long as you comply.