The World Without Sports

In the darkest of times, the world has turned to sports to heal and bring the world together.

Whether it be the home run by Mike Piazza following 9/11, or the emotional speech given by David Ortiz following the Boston marathon attack, sports have been the world’s go-to healer.

Now the world faces a much different challenge.

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread and kill thousands across the world, there are no sports to bring people together.

It began with soccer in Europe having no fans in attendance, then eventually the NBA suspended its season due to several players testing positive. Following the NBA´s suspension, the rest of the world began to shut down. From the MLB, NHL, as well as all college spring sports and the beloved March Madness tournament. Things began to go quiet, as many people’s lives revolve around sports, they felt like they had nothing anymore.

College seniors would not have a chance to finish or even begin their seasons as they became disappointed due to the tragedy that this disease has caused. Many major sports networks such as ESPN, FOX, NBCSports, and others have been airing replays of classic games from all different major sports.

Sports are a chance for normal everyday people to escape all the terror and pain in which the world brings. To some people, it’s cheers, boos, laughs, and cries over their team. For these people, they have grown so emotionally connected to their team that losing them and not being able to watch them on an everyday basis has been metaphorically killing them.

The world without sports is a dark and cold place as the world is experiencing right now. Once everything starts to turn a somewhat sense of normalcy then sports will be there patiently waiting to turn the page on this dark time of history to heal and bring the world together as it has done so many times.