PV Schools Announce Temporary Closing due to Coronavirus Concerns

Today, Thursday March 12, at approximately 12:30PM, Perkiomen Valley School District sent out an email blast and social media alert to the community stating all schools in the district will be closed on Friday (3/13), Monday (3/16), and Tuesday (3/17). 

“Right now, the intent is to treat these days as inclement weather days, but things may change if the state makes emergency provisions for school districts based on recent events,” Perkiomen Valley’s Facebook stated in responding to a comment on their most recent post. 

Montgomery County currently has the highest number of coronavirus cases in Pennsylvania, with 13 cases out of 21 overall in the state. Officials from the area are strongly suggesting residents in the county limit public activity and interaction, according to 6abc, who attended one of the county’s press conferences, which they have stated they plan to have daily.

The community has been reaching out to the school through social media and emailing, as students spread the news amongst themselves.

“I think it’s a good idea to take precautions for the spread of the virus. However, I am just wondering what will be done in these three days off…It’s really scary how the coronavirus is affecting people all over the globe and interfering with our daily lives as students,” Madigan Dittmar, a junior at the high school, said.

The recent post from the school on Facebook has 102 comments and 83 shares, but is updating every minute. 

“I think it is absolutely important for the families within this district to have adequate information. Obviously, something else has come up as of the update at noon, but I am unable to find this information anywhere. If the district has it, it’s important to give it to it’s residents,” Anna Noelle, a parent in the community, commented under the post.

PV’s The Voice has reached out to the PV administration to gather as much information as we can about this development. Stay tuned for more. 

Source: 6abc.com

Montgomery County commissioners giving a press conference on the COVID-19 cases in the state and the county.
Source: inquirer.com