Sundae Socks on MLK Monday

During Martin Luther King Day, many Perkiomen Valley students had volunteered their time as a “day on” rather than taking the day off. One such volunteering event occurred at Perkiomen Valley High School organized by Dr Moss where junior Tasha Chakraborty had worked the Sundae Sock station, helping kids make goodie bags for local senior homes.
The socks were made as an effort to cheer up the seniors by the notes, drawings, or even funny jokes written by the students. Chakraborty advised the children, happy to teach them about the importance of giving back to the community and having fun while doing it.
“Parents also had fun making some, too, and many took pictures of their kids with a big smile on their face,” Chakraborty said, “Overall, the event was a success and everyone had fun making the sock sundaes and giving back to our community.”
The rest of the organization had done similar things to give to other parts of the community. “We make capes for the Children’s Hospital, sock sundaes for the senior homes, and many other things.” Dr Moss, the organizer, said, “the volunteering we do today is meant to benefit all the different age groups and people.”
Much like the Sundae Sock station, the activities were aimed to include children from kindergarten to fifth graders, intending to appeal to all elementary school kids. Other high school students volunteered for different stations.
Julianna Ehm, a junior, educated younger students on the proper way to recycle and how to help the environment overall. “I wanted to spend my day off productively,” Ehm said, “Spending time with the fun, energetic kids [what the biggest reward of my day].”
Kevin Land, another junior, had spent his day selling snacks to raise enough money for Australian Wildlife relief. “I’ve done it for the past two years, and wanted to keep up the tradition.” Land said.
Overall, the day was productive for many high schoolers at Perkiomen Valley, keeping the tradition and values of community service alive through volunteering.