Key Club Hosts Volunteer Event For MLK Day

On January 20th 2020, PV students in Key Club joined together to volunteer and raise money for various causes. The activities were held at the PV high school in the cafeteria, where free food was served and people could engage in games.

Since the food and activities were at no cost, money was gathered directly through donations by those who came to support. These donations helped support both local communities at PV, and global issues.

“The volunteer work helps less privileged families in the community. The work also helps people outside the community from closer locations such as CHOP to further regions such as donating to Australia to help save animals“ said lead principal Dr. Moss, who helps organize the fundraiser.

Volunteers help out in the high school cafeteria.

The event began 15 years ago when Dr. Moss took up the challenge of planning a day full of activities and entertainment to help raise money for multiple organizations.

Keeping all of the people engaged is a challenge of coordinating the event.

“Constantly maintaining the attention of all age groups with a diversity of activities throughout the hours,” Moss said.

The volunteers from the Key Club who helped with the event were able to participate by running food stands, helping with the activities, and encouraging attendees to donate.

“Seeing the faces of people when you said that the food is free,” said junior volunteer Ben Allen, was his favorite part of the day.

Another volunteer, Carolyn Rentz, described the biggest reward from participating was getting to see the people around her enjoy the activities.

This day of volunteering and helping others through a generous cause has been a tradition practiced on MLK day for years. PV’s contributions have helped organizations big and small and will continue to do so in the future.