Senior Spotlight on Academics: Inspiring and Motivated

As education has advanced, the definition of a “star student” has been defined by people like Max Lin.

Max Lin, now a graduating senior at Perkiomen Valley High School, has done his part to boost PV morale through his involvement in a variety of activities.

Max participates in Science Olympiad, Math Club, Cross Country, Symphony and Select Strings Orchestra, and the Lehigh Valley Math team.

It could be hard to handle all of these extracurriculars on top of the three to four AP classes Max has taken each year, but he says his biggest accomplishment is balancing his life and schoolwork.

“I make sure I have enough time to rest each day, eat well, and exercise,” he explains.

Each of these activities, along with academics, has helped Max to receive a variety of awards including the National Merit Finalist Scholarship, Valedictorian, AMC and math contest awards, and first place in Astronomy in last year’s Science Olympiad contest, helping the team win a top 10 finish overall.

Along with awards, Max has received a new perspective of the world through teachers and the high school itself.

“I’ve had a few very good teachers that have changed my outlook of the world, including Mr. Heidt and Mr. Craven,” he says.

Mr. Craven, who had Max in AP Calculus BC in his freshman year, reciprocated Max’s respect.

“He just tried to improve himself without deviation. He only had one place to go. Up. So that’s where he’d look. I was always inspired,” says Craven.

Not only have teachers impacted his life, but so has PV’s diversity and ability to help Max determine his values, discover his interests, and explore who he is.

“I’ve enjoyed having a lot of opportunities to explore my various interests like in music and academics. There’s a lot of stuff I can do here and I’ve also met a lot of people and made a lot of friends,” Max adds.

Max’s impressive academic resumé and his great character has led him to University of California Berkeley, where he plans to continue his studious but fun life.

In the future, he hopes to work in a computer science field and possibly attend graduate school. He also aims to take advantage of the high number of tech companies that are based in California.

As he prepares to leave PV forever, Max provides valuable advice for current and incoming students.

“I would say definitely explore some of your interests in depth, but don’t go overboard. Make sure to balance both rest and life with academics.”

Max Lin’s academic career throughout high school continues to be an inspiration to students, who will be sad to see Max go, but excited to see that “star student” shine in the real world. Good luck, Max!