Skating on Thin Ice

By: Isabella Ewing

On January 4 the boys Varsity ice hockey team played against West Chester East, the fifth best team in Eastern PA. A light crowd attended, but that did not seem to matter to the players as they were focused on the game.

“The resiliency and drive of this group has been amazing. We have dealt with injuries in the first half of the season and these young men have rose to the challenge and have played their hearts out. Real proud of this group.” said Mr. Brennan McCourt, the varsity head coach.

This resilience he is talking about is when all but three times freshman goalie Christopher Cowgill blocked the puck. With a goal from Adam Carter and two from Jake Furlong, the end result of the game was a 3-3 tie.

With quick fluid movements the puck going back and forth, multiple shots on both sides the fans would never be able to tell the team had a rough start to the season.

Hunter Ringwood, center and alternate captain claims, “This team no matter what works as hard as they can ever time we step on the ice and we play as a team and when we play as a team it shows how successful we can be on the ice together.”

When asked to describe the team in one statement captain Adam Lewis described them as “Hard workers who know their roles and come together to play as a team.” All of this shows that hockey is not all about the fights but to these young men it’s a brotherhood where they all have each others backs through thick and thin.

As it’s been said before “Teamwork makes the dreamwork” and this team certainly has the teamwork and sheer determination to overcome where they can reach their goals.