Meaghan Burke

Grade: 12

Position: Editor-in-Chief

Favorite Class: AP Government

Interesting Fact: I love sloths!

My name is Meaghan Burke and I am a senior at Perkiomen Valley. I am excited and honored to be the Editor-in-Chief of The Voice this year. Outside of the paper I am also involved in the PV music department as a violinist in String Orchestra, Symphony, and Select Strings. In my free time I love to listen to music, watch baseball, and hang out with my dog. In the future I hope to study Journalism and Political Science.


Lia Mussie

Grade: 12 

Position: Opinions Editor

Favorite Class: AP Biology and Digital Photography

Interesting Fact: I am a vegan.

My name is Lia Mussie, and I am a senior here at PVHS. I am joining the Voice as an Opinions Editor because I enjoy hearing multiple points of view on a particle topic; this conjoins with my love of biology and pursuit to study environmental biotechnology in my future. Writing is incredibly important in communicating thoughts, which is why it is something I have long enjoyed. Aside for the newspaper, I run varsity track and field as a sprinter, am a part of Take Action, Key Club, SHS, and Minorities in Majorities, as well work as a swim teacher and cafe counterperson.


Dylan Stevens

Grade: 12

Position: Entertainment Editor

Favorite Class: English

Interesting Fact: I firmly believe cats are just as fun as dogs

I have always felt that math and science classes do not exactly fit me and writing about things I love has really been a fun activity for as long as I can remember. So Newspaper club was an amazing outlet for me. I joined last year and found great joy in writing about music and other entertainment articles. I have played sports for the school, including Frisbee Club but listening to and  making my own music outside of school is another passion that I enjoy a ton. I try to translate those passions as best I can when I write and above all else hope to create articles that can educate and entertain other people like me!


Abby Young

Grade: 12

Position: Sports Editor

Favorite Class: Government

Interesting Fact: I have seen baseball games 15 ballparks

My name is Abby Young & I am fortunate to spend another year as the sports editor for The Voice. I grew up in the world of sports & continue to have a passion for sports & the effect that they have on people & culture. In pursuit of these passions, I plan on attending Abilene Christian University as a sports marketing major. In addition to journalism, I am involved in FCA, Link Crew, & orchestra.


Sarah Jenison

Grade: 11

Position:Senior Copy Editor

Favorite Class: Chemistry

Interesting Fact: I have a pet dachshund named Pepper.

My name is Sarah Jenison and I am currently a Junior at PV high school. I joined The Voice last year as a way to improve my writing and grow more involved in my school. Throughout the year, I keep myself busy with homework and school activities. I am a member of Science Olympiad, Math club, Reading Olympiad, Key club, Robotics, NHS, Take Action, and of course, the PV newspaper. When I’m not at school, I enjoy reading, attending church functions, and baking.


Owen Ley

Grade: 11

Position: Copy Editor

Favorite Class: AP English Language & Composition

Interesting Fact: I just transferred to PV this year from PJP

My name is Owen Ley, I’m new to our school and am excited to be a Copy Editor for the Voice! I was involved in PJP’s newspaper and can’t wait to continue my student journalism career with the Voice here at PV. I’m a cinephile and love watching all types of films, and hope to one day make them myself. I am also involved in Key Club, PV’s robotics team, and work part time as a swim instructor and busboy.


Sofia Ridge

Grade: 12

Position: Photography Editor

Favorite Class: Science

Interesting Fact: I love Mac and Cheese

My name is Sofia Ridge and I am currently a senior at PV. I began taking photos for The Voice. I enjoy taking pictures for the school newspaper, especially sports because it allows me to go out to all of the sports games and see the school spirit capture my experiences at PV. I am also currently participating in Link Crew, Key Club, and I also have a part-time job at Shannondell.


Sean Matthews

Grade: 11

Position: Photography Editor

Favorite Class: Art

Interesting Fact: I have two cats named Phillip and Eddie.

My name is Sean Matthews and I am one of the photography editors for The Voice. I have been part of the school newspaper since freshman year in journalism class, and have been part of the club since. Besides newspaper, I am part of Key Club. Outside of school, I enjoy drawing, reading and watching movies.


Dani Beck

Grade: 12

Position: Outlay (Layout) Editor

Favorite Class: Human Geography

Interesting Fact: I had Tornambe for 4 years

My name is Dani Beck and I am the Editor of Chief of Outlay, people may not agree with that title but it is official in my terms. I have been taking journalism all throughout my high school career, and yet I can still not write a good article. My job is to layout the entire newspaper, make sure that everything is visually appealing and that all of the articles fit uniformly in the newspaper. Some other unique things about me include: I lifeguard, I really like to swim, hike, and boat. Patrick Gordon said my outlay was excellent.


Alex Shores

Grade: 11

Position: Supporting Editor

Favorite Class: AP English Lang and Comp

Interesting Fact: I moved here when I was a freshman from Mesa, Arizona!

My name is Alex Shores. I am a junior at Perkiomen Valley and I love working on the school newspaper. My favorite types of articles to write are news ones, specifically about events that I am interested in. Past events I have covered are the Stream Cleanup and the Fall Play Review. In my spare time, I am the President of Envirothon Club, I love acting, and I enjoy making movies with my friends!


Maggie McGovern

Grade: 10

Position: Supporting Editor

Favorite Class: Spanish II and Chemistry

Interesting Fact: I have five wisdom teeth.

My name is Maggie McGovern and I am a sophomore at PV High. I’m honored to be working on the Student Newspaper and hope that the student body finds it as enjoyable to read as I do. Other than Newspaper Club, I am involved in Speech and Debate, where I compete in Congress. My hobbies include reading, writing, watching movies, spending time with friends, and cuddling with my puppy.