Setting the needle down: “Fine Line”

“Golden”, is the opening song to the album “Fine Line” by Harry Styles.

When first listening to the song there is a happy uplifting beat, but when diving further into the piece, lyrically it is very ominous and depressing. 

   With the contradicting tones, there is a feeling of solace.

   The piece is written in G Major continuing with multiple chord progressions of C all the way to D Major. Filled with his own harmonies, drums, guitar, piano, and even glockenspiel (a percussion instrument that has set tuned metal pieces that are struck by hard mallets), the music resembles 70s soft rock.

       “I don’t want to be alone, when it ends, don’t want to let you know.”

   These lines are sung by Styles after the end of his first chorus. He won’t let himself open up causing him to fall into a tunnel of self doubt.

       “All I’ve ever known, loving you’s the antidote, golden.”

   Styles continues with this phrase before his next chorus. The love that he is longing for is his source of light and optimism in the world, the reason this person is golden.

   The song pauses the lyrics and has an instrumental break for 14 measures. Within the music, there is a rounded sound that gives off the illusion of him saying golden. The music crescendos throughout the break all the way to the following chorus…

      “I know that you’re scared because I’m so open.”

   This is the first time Styles changed the lyrics in his chorus to show the growth of becoming accepting of yourself. Learning to love and appreciate your life is a hard concept to find but it’s all in the journey of your “Fine Line.”