Will Summer Come Back?

With summer coming in hot, people are starting to start their vacation plans. However, the perfect summer everybody has dreamt about may not ever happen.

A pandemic has caused most of the world to come to a screeching halt as nonessential businesses have closed their doors to stop the spread. However, in an effort to open the economy back up, states have started to announce that they will enter phases one and two. Most states in these phases still have limited amount of places where they can go.

Although states are starting to open back up: will summer go back to normal this year or will citizens still be withheld in their house?

Many people still have a deep rooted fear that they will contract the coronavirus if they venture outside their homes. There is a rising fear that once everything starts to open back up, the death toll will rapidly grow again as more people will go out unknowingly getting infected.

States throughout the United States in phases one and two still have strict rules that prevent people from going in or out without a 14-day quarantine. This prevents working-class from having a vacation because they cannot miss that much work. 

Also, many tourist hot spots are still closed that prevent people from fulfilling summer plans. 

Even if all states were to be cleared of all restrictions placed due to COVID-19, many people still fear that the disease will spread to them and their loved ones. The pandemic has caused such a change in everybody’s day to day life, it’s impossible to think of things going back to normal.