10 Things to do Before Graduating: Class of 2020 Edition

As we all know, the class of 2020’s senior year took a turn for the unexpected. Due to Covid-19, the seniors were unable to do the things everyone should do before moving on to the next milestone. Here are some things our PV seniors wish they could’ve done before graduating and what our lower classmen and soon to be seniors should do before walking out the high school doors:

1.Thank Your Teachers and Tell Them Bye! (Logan H., Jenna C., Amy R., Justin W., Maddie F.)

“ I wish I could say one last goodbye to teachers/mentors throughout high school and tell them how much they meant to me”- Jenna Cortez

2. Go on Disney Trip ( Emily B., Nadja T., Jordan S., Stephanie C.) 

3. Spend Last Day of School with Friends (Emily H., Grace L., Eva R.)

“ I would like to have had a tailgate on the last day of school and wear my senior shirt”- Eva Rosales

4. Go on Career Study ( Andrew M., Lindsay H.)

5. Go to Prom and Give a Promposal (David G., Anthony B., Melicka J.)

6. Senior Prank (Alfredo G., Aidan M.)

7. Go to Sporting Events in the Valley (Jeremey K., Emily M., Alex B.)

“ Go to every sporting event possible. The Valley wouldn’t be the same without our great student section”- Emily Mcginley

8. Join a Sports Team or Club  (Ahmad A., Garrett K., Elias J., Christian S., Allison L.)

“ I think everyone should join a club or a sport at some point during high school. Whether it’s something they’re interested in or curious about. You will meet new family and learn to push yourself to a new height”- Garrett Kline

9. Literally… ANYTHING! ( Evan B.)

 10. Graduation Ceremony (The whole class of 2020)

“ Being able to actually sit and watch all my friends get their diplomas and cheer them on while they walk across the stage”- Harena Mussie

The class of 2020 will definitely go down in history. Thank you to Perkiomen Valley for making their last four years worthwhile.