Affleck’s Way Back

Somehow this whole quarantine has made me bored of everything I enjoy doing. Doom Eternal is awesome, however, playing it for two weeks is rather tedious and all sports are canceled most likely until next year making my brother and I move closer to the edge of completely losing our sanity. The only solace I have in these impending times are movies and Ben Affleck’s The Way Back was one of the many movies I have seen in this quarantine. 

I should preface this review with the information that this movie is incredibly personal to Affleck because of the main character’s vices. Jack Cunningham is an alcoholic and Affleck has been public about his own issues with the bottle and how it has affected his life. The movie focuses on this more than the basketball team and it pays off in some areas and other areas it hurts. When it focuses on his alcoholism and the stressor for why he drinks so much it can be moving. When things get more focused on the team the movie can be predictable. Affleck’s performance is very good and is completely focused on the pain Cunningham is in; now this being said it’s not Gene Hackman from Hoosiers good. 

The team itself is not completely boring, but not that exciting either. The team is also on The Way Back so to speak because they are absolutely terrible. I mean the Knicks since James Dolan took over as owner terrible; a laughingstock beyond parody. As the story progresses the team has many of their problems at home to deal with like an unsupportive father and general poverty. The problem is that these are never explored with much depth and feel tacked on to try and make the audience care about the team even though it’s completely focused on Cunningham. 

I would recommend this movie depending on the price for which you can find it. According to Just Watch, an app every person should have for finding where it is possible to rent and stream movies, the film is currently 5.99 on every outlet and since there are other better movies to rent which are cheaper including The Lighthouse which is 2.99 and streamable on Amazon Prime, and the Oscars last Best Picture winner Parasite is available to stream on Hulu and only 3.99 on Amazon Prime. If you are an avid sports film person however this is still worth the time despite the price.