Joji: Internet Comedian Turned Musician

Japanese hip/hop singer, Joji, also known as George Kusunoki Miller, has jumped back into the spotlight, gracefully. With the release of “Gimme Love”, fans await the artist’s third album. Previously known comedian and internet star, Joji has had his time in the limelight for numerous years. After leaving his aliases behind, he turned to music, describing it made him the happiest and his previous job, in turn, gave him “serious health problems”. Joji gained traction as a musician after being noticed by the group, 88Rising, home to artists like Rich Brian. 

His debut album titled “BALLADS 1” discovers heartbreak and being in one’s own mind. Pitchfork rating the album a mid-6.7, editor Braudie Blais-Billie stated, “…there’s a hope underneath BALLADS 1 that Joji is closer to outrunning the immaturity of his past life….”

The artist began teasing his new music on all social media platforms in mid- April, some being videos of abstract space equipment, and ultimately releasing the music video along with the single on April 16th. He stated that his new album, “Nectar” would release on July 10th this year. With previous singles from Joji, like “Sanctuary”, fans are undoubtedly excited for what this summer may bring from the lo-fi, blues artist. Other artists expressed their gratitude for the new single like Pouya commenting, “I’m proud of you” on Joji’s promotional video for the new music video. 

The music video entails the artist running towards a space shuttle as a melancholy set of chords play, coinciding with Joji’s soft voice. One fan account; jojikusunoki88 commented, “Thank you so much for this beautiful work and music, can’t wait till 7/10.” As many fans expressed their love for the single, this began the anticipation for his third studio album.