Three Things to Do During Quarantine

1. Learn an instrument
As a student athlete, I hardly ever have time to myself. I love the arts in general from illustrations and painting all the way to music. With all this free time, now is a great time to learn a new instrument. Personally, I have decided to start learning how to play the ukulele. Having bought one a few years ago, I seldom picked it up due to the demands of the teenage lifestyle. Lately, I’ve been putting between 30 minutes to 1 hour a day into practicing and learning new songs on the ukulele. In our time of technology, resources such as Youtube and music apps like Yousician make it so easy to learn the essentials of an instrument and get to playing right away. Learning an instrument is a ton of fun and a skill that anyone can value for the rest of their lives.

2. Learn a new language
Similar to learning an instrument in many ways, learning a language is a truly rewarding skill that above all else requires two things: Time and practice. What better time is there than when you’re stuck at home? You have all the time in the world. Learning a new language can help you in a variety of new job situations or simply allow you to communicate to the locals of the country you’ve always wanted to visit. One of the best apps on the apple app store is called Duolingo and as a free app, it allows you to learn a variety of languages at any pace.

3. Write a short story or a novel
Writing a short story or a novel is a great way to not only pass the time, but really connect with oneself emotionally. Even if it never gets published in any way into a book or magazine, there is nothing stopping you from posting it online, such as in the form of a blog. Nothing will ever take away the fact that what you wrote is yours and that you put all the time and effort you had into creating something. It can even be a great pleasure to read your short story or novel to friends or family in the future (as long as you are comfortable with it).