New Electives for 2020-2021

PV is welcoming four new electives for students during the 2020-2021 school year. These electives include Football 1, Football 2, Music 101, and Industrial Print Graphics 2.

These electives provide new opportunities for students to explore their passion for their upcoming life. Student Abbey Stahl said,”I think the new electives, like Music 101, give us as students more options and open up more career paths for kids.” Music 101 is offered to all students in high school.

Music 101 and Industrial Print Graphics will both be one full credit but Football 1 and Football 2 will be a third of a credit, which raised some questions for students.

Student Caitlyn Ruth said, “I think the new electives are interesting and kids would love to take them, but even if you took both Football one and two what will fill that last missing third of the credit? Are there other electives available?”

Although there are other electives that satisfy the .33 of a credit that Football 1 and Football 2 do, each class is a trimester and one of these trimesters can be filled with a study hall or other gym-related classes such as Volleyball. Both of these electives are an inside the classroom experience along with time in the gym.

The final elective is Industrial Print Graphics 2, this is a follow-up class to Print Graphics 1. The class is not offered to Freshmen because of the required prerequisite, or it can be taken with teacher approval.

Coy Zajac said, “I think this is a good way to expose students to a more in depth look into print graphics. By adding on to this type of class students can continue to follow a passion.” This class dives into screen printing, vinyl stickers, and laser cutting allowing a student to expand their knowledge on this course.
     Students can pick these classes for the 2020-21 school year. Teachers have not yet been assigned to the classes yet.