Japan Club Cancelled

On February 26, an email was sent to host families and Japan Club students informing the cancelation of the Kamajo School’s visit to the high school. 

“ [ Mrs. Kashy] and I wanted to be able to tell you ( Club Members) in-person to break the news. We were very concerned that you will hear from somebody else beforehand” said club advisor, Mr. Allen.

Due to the spread of the most recent virus, COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the Kamajo School believed it was in the program’s best interest to take safety precautions. Though the virus hasn’t reached the Kamakura area, it has gotten worse throughout other areas in Japan. 

Host families, club members, and advisors are still optimistic about the program. With all the gloomy news going around, they manage to see the brighter light in the situation.

Do not worry though, the exchange will happen next year in April as of now.