Academy Finally Gets it Right

The Oscars finally recognized foreign films as true contenders, possibly creating a precedent of more foreign films taking the most prestigious awards in the future. 

Parasite, directed and written by Bong Jong Ho, won a total of four academy awards including the most prized: Best Picture. The other awards given to Parasite were Best Directing, Best Original Screenplay, and obviously Best International Feature Film. Many on social media criticized the lack of diversity, especially Greta Gerwig’s lack of a nomination. Even if she was nominated, the Oscar went to the right person.

The Best Leading Actor and Actress Oscars went to Joaquin Phoenix for the Joker and Renee Zellweger for Judy respectively. Again the lack of diversity was criticized, Eddie Murphy probably should have been nominated over Leonardo DiCaprio for his performance in My Name Is Dolemite, but it didn’t really matter since both winners were slam dunks.

Best Supporting Actor and Actress went to Brad Pitt and Laura Dern respectively. Brad Pitt won for his performance in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood as the lovable stuntman and best friend everybody wants, while Laura Dern won for the vibrant and upbeat divorce attorney in Marriage Story. This was also predicted across almost all sources and was well deserved despite not being my picks. 

Parasite was awarded the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, which was well deserved for one of best movies of the decade. The only other contender in my mind was Marriage Story which was another amazing movie that deserves to be seen by everyone with heart wrenching performances by both Adam Driver and Scarlett Johannson.Academy Finally Gets it Right

The only category I strongly disagreed with was Best Documentary which went to American Factory. I thought it should have gone to For Sama, a look into what war is like for women and a documentary heavily connected with the director’s daughter. While American Factory admittedly had better cinematography, the vast majority of For Sama was shot on an iPhone and isn’t a completely shaky unbearable mess, in a warzone no less. That personal story and amount of commitment should have been given far more recognition than it received. 

For the most part the Academy made the right selections and nominated the right people. Political comments were thankfully not as prevalent as some may suggest, most appearing at the beginning of the show. This was one of the strongest years for the art of cinema and hopefully this year can continue an upward trend.

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