Team John or Team Peter?

Released in the summer of 2018, “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”, caught the attention of people all over the world. Starring Lana Condor and Noah Centineo, this film was adapted from the book series written by Jenny Han. The story centers around high schooler Lara Jean, who wrote her feelings to crushes she had previously, in the form of love letters. As she battles her internal conflict of crushing on her older sister’s ex-boyfriend, her little sister, Kitty, decides to change things up and send all five letters to Lara’s five crushes. 

As Lara figures out that her letters are missing and have been sent, her middle-school “lovers” come forward and talk to her about the subjects of the letter. Peter Kavinsky, turning this mortifying situation into something fun, he wants to fake a relationship to make his ex-girlfriend, Gen-who was Lara’s best friend in middle school-jealous. 

After a couple of months faking an intimate relationship, Peter and Lara unintentionally catch feelings for each other, only to be broken up by Gen in a jealous rage. The end of the movie, Kitty comes forward and confesses to sending the letters, but also opens up about collecting tiny love notes that Peter wrote for Lara, resulting in Lara talking things out with Peter and ending up getting back together, but this time for real. 

Fast forward two years, Netflix gifted viewers a Valentine’s treat and released the sequel, “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You,” only to be the center of strong, sometimes negative opinions. The movie begins with Lara and Peter being happily together, for it to quickly be interrupted by a boy named John Ambrose; another receiver of the love letters sent by Kitty. Lara battles an internal conflict of who she should choose to date; the boy she crushed on for years in middle school? Or should it be the girl crazed boy she’s dating? Secrets come out and the truth is revealed as to Peter’s true intentions in one of the most famous scenes in the first movie. 

The Ringer released a review article of viewers opinions, and it is heavily mixed. Although Peter Kavinsky is a loveable, charming character, the actor is not. Noah Centineo has caught quite the attention due to particular actions, like dyeing his beard blonde, cheesy tweets for his female followers, and confusing acceptance speeches at award shows. “Lara Jean, please come to your senses and pivot to Team John Ambrose in the third movie. Noah, and by extension Peter, isn’t the man we thought he was. Move on—I have.” Kate Halliwell said for The Ringer. Although a confusing plot, and an unnecessarily long movie for Lara and Peter to date yet again, there are valuable lessons and words of advice that teens and young adults experiencing similar man versus self conflicts as Lara did. Anticipation for the third movie of the series will steadily grow as more people see the outcome of the second movie. Like a modern-day “Twilight,” the question is, Team Peter or Team John Ambrose?

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