Underground Artists Coming to Light

As the popularity of the social media platform TikTok takes over, new artists begin to get quite a recognition. The user can create videos, and add audios like music or audio clips from movies, and potentially go viral by being placed on the “For You” page due to the algorithm. Many trends and audios have become incredibly popular and widespread, so it’s no wonder up-and-coming artists find their place because of the app.

Zoe Haylock, from Vulture, created a list of the best discovered songs and sounds based on TikTok’s algorithm. Whether it is underground artists getting recognition they worked hard for, or well-known artists’ unreleased songs being leaked, according to released TikTok statistics there are approximately one billion users on the very popular platform; their sounds are bound to get recognition. 

Haylock’s article ranged from artists like Lil Dicky, Freddie Dredd, and Lil Kayla; but an artist that has caught most peoples’ eyes, and ears; is Brent Faiyaz. Faiyaz quickly caught people’s attention after his song, “Trust” surfaced on popular creators’ TikTok videos. 

The Maryland-native artist born in 1995 has been creating R&B and rap music since 2014. His most recent album was released in February of 2020, and had a quick following due to the fans from TikTok. 

Another artist that had a strike of fortune due to the social media app, is Don Toliver. The sound bite from his song “No Idea” had been used and idolized by “influencers”; and quickly rose status on the trending sounds to use. 

The influence of TikTok has been growing exponentially, whether it is underground artists getting time in the limelight, dance trends that turn to muscle memory, or jokes for Gen-Z to hold over other generations, like “Okay, boomer.”

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