Three Students contribute to PV’s Flourishing Wall Art

 Serenya Josi and Megah Joshi are working as a duo on a mural by the counseling center, while Jeremy Kohn is painting his mural on the second floor next to the senior lounge. 

Mr. Libby explained that the students are voluntarily creating the murals after undergoing a process of approval by the School Arts Committee and lead principal of the school, Dr. Moss. The artist must write out the dimensions of the mural and use one of three descriptors for the mural itself. Mr. Libby explained that the nature of the murals is “completely outside of class and their own idea.”  

“This project is for my Eagle Scout program, even though I intended to do it for my graduation project,” Kohn says.

His mural depicts a viking on a ship, alongside various scandanavian animals. The high school is in the background with the sun beaming above it.

Kohn mentioned his reasoning for this is, as obvious as it might seem, “The school’s mascot is a viking.”

Sarenja and Megah’s mural revolves around advocating environmentalism and other naturist causes. The mural shows the Earth being protected by hands and various flowers around a . 

“The hands represent vikings and since our mascot is the viking it represents us as well,” the girls explained.

The mural also is about taking action as two inspirational phrases surround the sun in a circle reading above, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much,” and the below phrase reads “United we are PV Vikings.”

These projects are very important, especially since they serve as graduation projects for the artists, and are taken up with the utmost care. The student artists hope their murals will help achieve their intended goals of environmental activism and school spirit while lasting for years on the school walls as a testament of their work.

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