It’s Easy to Get Involved, Just Sign up

After the school day ends, whether the students go to work, sports, or clubs, Perkiomen Valley has endless options. As the years progress, more clubs and sports are created because of different interests that surface on the social scale. Perkiomen Valley has 35+ clubs this year, with a wide range of diversity among interests and hobbies, like the Japan Club that teaches cultural differences and traditions between American students and Japanese students. 

Another club offered here at PV is Make It 100; the club encourages students of age to register to vote. Students ages 18-24 years old have been a minor target for candidates appeals, and the up-and-coming generation wants to change that.

Many students attend club meetings after school, but sports are just as popular. Anthony Bruno, a senior that has been running track since third grade. He encourages students to join winter track, “Students should definitely join, it’s a great way to make new friends and challenge yourself as a person.” He said.

Seniors are beginning to wrap up their high school curriculum and are able to reflect on things they took part in throughout their past four years. “You shouldn’t be intimidated for being younger or what the case might be,  around the sport teams there’s always a positive type of vibe.” Chris Suarez urges underclassmen to put themselves out there.

Getting involved in high school is important because being introduced to new things like new activities and people, brings in more creativity and motivation towards finding one’s place in some of the hardest years of teenage growth. 

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