Kisses for Kyle Helped by Volunteers

As MLK day came closer, volunteering spots quickly filled as people eagerly wanted to help others out to honor the momentous day. Juniors volunteered at the Kisses for Kyle, a foundation honor Kyle, a child who lost his life to an eight month battle to Leukemia. They visited the stand, that had plenty of goodies, information, and contacts to the organizer itself, and helped raise money to help families who are also affected by childhood cancer.

Perkiomen Valley allows students to sign up to volunteer on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, to honor him and to give back to the community. Kisses for Kyle was one option for volunteering, where juniors could sit at a snack stand and talk to passers by about what the foundation is, and what it does. Kisses for Kyle aids families in need of help as they assist their children in the battle of cancer.

Junior Kyle Krupa attended the event explaining what helping the cause meant to him. He stated that he always volunteers and enjoys it, that knowing is time spent volunteering would be helping children with cancer, and trying to support their families.

Eileen Gutshall, another junior describes how she also attends to help out with Kiwanis, an international organization that gives back to children. Supporting physical, emotional, and developmental needs, Kiwanis help families and institutions like the MICU alike. 

Juniors participate in MLK Volunteer day with Kisses for Kyle’s snack stand.

While remembering trailblazer Martin Luther King, who wanted equality between men and women, and races combined, it was impactful for students to give back to families in need, and to know their time is spent on developing a new view on life. 

Kisses for Kyle is one of the many organizations that partner with Perkiomen Valley, welcoming volunteers. The foundation gives back the money and supplies raised, given to children aged twenty one and younger.