Students Create Cards for Operation Gratitude

On January 20, 2020, also known as Martin Luther King’s Day of Service, many high school students and teachers at Perkiomen Valley High School volunteered around the community. Two volunteer events were held at the high school cafeteria, and involved teaching elementary and middle school students the importance of helping others and the environment.

One of the events was creating cards for the military who are overseas and had the kids do jumping jacks in one minute to represent how much would be donated toward Operation Gratitude. The other event was managed by Take Action which taught the kids how to recycle the correct way.

The organizer of the Operation Gratitude activity, Kristen Lamoreaux, was in charge of helping the kids make cards for the military. 

Lamoreaux said that she helps the community because “My motto is I’m a purveyor of hope, my family has been in a situation where we needed hope to get through and I do this to strive to be that hope for others”.

Juniors Gavin Burke and Owen Slack volunteered at the same event that helped children learn the importance of helping others.

“I like helping the community,” said the junior pair when asked for the reason they volunteered.

Sophomore Kelsey Leonard was one of the volunteers who helped teach the children how to recycle properly. 

“[I volunteered today because} I read about plastic pollution in the oceans and I wanted to join a club that would help benefit the environment,” said Kelsey Leonard.

 The nationwide day of service will continue to help all communities in the future no matter how small a person’s actions.