MLK Day of Service: PV Students Take On Kisses for Kyle Foundation

On January 20, 2020, citizens from the Perkiomen Valley area gave back to their community by volunteering for an organization known as the Kisses for Kyle Foundation. The event was led by organizer Eileen Gutshall. 

Alongside Eileen stood Perkiomen Valley’s own students helping and giving back. The day started off in front of the Redners Supermarket in Collegeville. Participants set up a stand and banner with the foundation’s name displayed for all Redner’s customers to see as they entered the vicinity. Some customers never made it into the store because the cause of the issue was much more important. Not only were they attracted by the wristbands and pretzels that were provided, but customers were also attracted by the story.

 “Being able to talk to all kinds of people and hearing their stories of the people who are donating for a better cause felt like the biggest reward of the day,” said Annalise Thorton, a junior volunteer.

The Kisses for Kyle Foundation provides assistance for families dealing with childhood cancer in the Delaware Valley area. The foundation believes parents shouldn’t have to choose between providing for the whole family and additional medical bills. Money is not the only support that is given. According to Eileen Gutshall, physical, emotional, social, and educational assistance is also provided.

“[We] have done food drives, toy drives, and created a lending library at the MCIU,” Gutshall said.

The amount of support was outstanding from the community. Student volunteer, Stephanie Friend pointed out.

“The biggest reward was knowing that people in need would be given money during their time of need,” she said.

All in all, the Kisses for Kyle Foundation managed to raise enough money to give back to the children and families in need of support. The mission is not over yet; if you wish to donate to keep this fight going, head over to to donate.