Martin luther king day- Hannah Smith

On Martin Luther King Day, five PV students went to Providence Town center (PTC) to clean up the area. Maya Porrecca, Maya Fulmer, Carolyn Rentz, Cate Schoniger, and Abby Souder dedicated their day to clean up the trash.

Items like cigarette butts are left on the ground which can be dangerous for the environment.

The organizer, Carolyn Rentz said,”Even in an arena like the Providence Town Center, there were still many cigarette butts that are extremely detrimental to the environment.”

The main reasoning behind going to PTC was to clean it up for the shoppers and most importantly for the wildlife there.

Volunteer, Maya Porecca said,  “I believe that cleaning up the Providence Town Center protects the wildlife (more particularly the squirrels), the environment, and helps people to enjoy more time there.”

Cleaning up PTC would not only help animals thrive and people who shop there, it may also inspire others to do the same in their town.

Volunteer, Abby Souder, “It can inspire others to do the same for the community by showing that not everything has to be seen as a chore. In addition, giving back can be fun and rewarding!”

There were many other activities like this throughout the day in which many of PVs students took part in as PV continues to encourage students to represent the school outside of the classroom.