Student Volunteers for Church Youth Group

Perkiomen Valley High School Junior Alexa Hanson volunteered at her local church on Martin Luther King Jr. day by helping to set up decorations for an event school kids were planning on having. The decorations were being put up for a school reenactment to learn about God. Matt Kirsch was the head organizer for this volunteering effort and was able to round up a few volunteers for the event.

“I love helping other people and I have always been involved in the church. When they asked me to be a director for the community service opportunities, I couldn’t turn down the offer.” Kirsch said.

Alexa was accompanied by a tenth grade Spring-Ford student named Gabby.

“The biggest reward I got today was knowing how excited the younger kids will be when they come to school and see the fun decorations!” Gabby said.

The reason volunteers were gathered to decorate was so that teachers at the school would not have to take time on their days off to come to school and decorate, a very charitable and considerate act of selflessness.

Also volunteering was a college student named Beth.

“I volunteered because it is my last day before I go back to college and I wanted to do something for someone else” Beth said.

Through donating just a few hours of their time, Alexa and her fellow volunteers were able to make the lives of the teachers easier while bringing joy to the students taking part in the reenactment.