First 2 weeks of PVYB

PVs favorite season is upon us…. IT’S REC BASKETBALL SEASON! Through two weeks of PVYB we have seen a lot, some predicted and no. With 16 teams in the mix this year we have a wide range of squads that have already provided shootouts, last-second thrillers, and of course upsets. With all that happening here are the top 3 stories coming out of the first two weeks of PVYB.

Syracuse Upsets American

In a Sunday morning game in week two an unexpecting Syracuse team too down what was thought to be one of the league’s best in American. Syracuse controlled for almost the entire game except for a brief moment towards the end of the first half. What does this mean for both teams? Well, for American it’s scary to see a loss like this and it makes us wonder if maybe they aren’t Championship favorites like they were to start the season. For Syracuse it’s nothing but positive, It showed that this team has more talent than seen on paper and with momentum good go on a deep run in the playoffs. With all that said it’s still early and there is a lot of basketball to be played.

Jack Lobiondo fouls out in just eight minutes

It was a tough game for the OSU player, Jack Lobiondo, on Sunday who only got to play eight minutes before he had to leave the game with five fouls. Jack committed three fouls in a span of ten seconds early in the first half when he was called for a reach, then another reach upon the inbound and then a blocking foul to top it all off. After three fouls in such a short period of time, it was hard for the aggressive forward to keep himself in the game. 

` Bryce Teti requests trade after Wisconsin’s 0-2 start

It’s been a tough year for Wisconsin so far, after two close losses to start the season the team chemistry is starting to fall apart. I caught up with starter Bryce Teti earlier this week who when asked how he is going to have a winning season responded, “To be traded to another squad.” Bryce does not like the team’s chances down the stretch and believes the doors are starting to fall off for this struggling Wisconsin team.


  1. Maryland 2-0
  2. Duke 2-0
  3. Virginia Tech 1-1
  4. Coastal Carolina 2-0
  5. OSU 2-0
  6. Michigan 1-1
  7. American 1-1
  8. Penn State 1-1
  9. Louisville 1-1
  10. Lafayette 1-1
  11. Syracuse 1-0-1
  12. Wisconsin 0-2
  13. Alabama 1-1
  14. Georgetown 0-2
  15. ACU 0-2
  16. West Virginia 0-1-1