New Music from Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is incredibly familiar with the limelight, yet still continues to hide in the shadows. 

Rarely making public appearances, it was a shock to his followers on the internet after he made his Instagram profile public. Every four years since 2012, Frank Ocean releases an album, only to then fall off the social grid. 

In 2012, he released Channel Orange, a very experimental R&B album that soon won the Outstanding Music Artist in 2013 from the GLAAD Media Awards. Four years after his debut album, he released Blonde for his music hungry fans, then disappeared. Blonde and Channel Orange are the two albums that deemed Frank Ocean as pure talent. Pitchfork spent time  reviewing Blonde, and editor Ryan Dombal rated it a 9.0. “It’s an intriguing peek into his process, and it contains some of the rawest vocal takes he’s ever put out…”, Dombal said. 

After his long hiatus from the public eye, Ocean released two singles in 2019 only for his audience to greatly anticipate new music in the up and coming year. The two songs released by Ocean, DHL and In My Room quickly gained traction and became incredibly popular. Ocean debuted these songs at his new New York nightclub, PrEP+, named after the preparation plan created for high-risk HIV patients, PrEP. The nightclub was created to mimic the 1980s nightlife in which LGBTQ+ members were unable to thrive. Frank Ocean fans were excited to see their favorite artist back into the picture, and were anxious to see where this new music would take them. “He sings loosely about a romantic partner and drops references to zillion-dollar Richard Mille watches and poppers. Actually, he’s rapping more than singing, and he sounds heavy-lidded over the repetitive beat, zooming through verses with a lilt in his voice, sometimes cooing in an offkey warble, even though we all know he can sing like an angel.” Executive editor Matthew Schnipper said.