Prom 2019. What a night! PV Prom took place at the Sheraton Valley Forge Hotel in King of Prussia. It ran from 6-10pm, and 814 students attended this eventful night, so let’s just say this place was packed.

Teens filled the grand hall entrance, dressed to impress. The Sheraton Hotel was a nice venue, but I do have to admit it could have been better. The place itself was very fancy, with big open rooms and chandeliers. However, the place was not fit to contain 814 high school students, especially the dining hall.

The dining hall was maxed out with tables, and each table fit 10 students. So you can imagine the amount of space between the tables. Extremely limited.

The dining hall was also where the dance floor was located. This is what disappointed me most. If the hotel knew how many kids would be attending this event, they should have thought harder about the size of the dance floor.

Teens were completely shoulder to shoulder, stepping on each other’s feet, and jumping on everyone. It was uncomfortable. All the staff needed to do was move some tables in order to make the dance floor accommadable. It was not a difficult task, but yet it still was not done.

The DJ did have a great variety of song choices, which I enjoyed. He definitely met my criteria by playing genres of all types. It wasn’t just the standard rap (which most teens love), but also included some oldies, such as “Dancing Queen” by ABBA and “Come on Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners.

One part of prom that I found to be a nice touch was the photo booth. It was a nice addition to the night. It gave another option to those who might not have wanted to dance the entire time.

The photo booth allowed for a many people as you wanted to get in the photo, when normally for photo booths there is a limit. Plus, there was a table full of accessories you could use for the photos. These accessories went from as wacky as a rubber chicken to as classic as a pair of gigantic sunglasses.

The photo booth employee was fun to interact with too, which always makes the experience even more enjoyable. He made sure to give each person who was in the photo their very own personal photo strip, while the cheap photo booths at the movie theaters will only give two photo strips no matter how many people were in the pictures.

One other important touch to a great prom night would be the food. Most people I heard from said the food was never outstanding at previous PV proms. But in my opinion, this year’s food was delicious.

There was the usual salad options, rolls, beef, chicken, pasta dish, mashed potatoes, and broccoli. I found that to be a good variety of food for everyone. The options worked for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. The dishes were full of flavor and kept warm, which is extremely important when getting catered food.

Dessert was also an excitement. I had no idea they would even serve desert, but they really did surprise me. Soon after dinner was cleaned up, an ice cream sundae bar was set-up. Man, that was mouth-wateringly delicious. There was the choice between chocolate or vanilla ice cream, with several topping options. I found it to be the perfect ending for the meal.

Overall, PV Prom 2019 was a success. With only a few blemishes of the night, I wished it could have lasted forever. I found that I truly enjoyed myself, as I’m sure plenty of other students did.

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