The Dilemma: Which Musical Platform to Use

Music is an important part of most people’s lives in this day and age, whether listening to music while driving to work or while working out, people most likely listen to music during some portion of the day. Most people listening to music via their smartphones, have an app in which allows them to stream their favorite songs on command. So here’s the big question, with the two major music apps, who reigns champion, Spotify or Apple Music?

Looking at cost, Apple Music and Spotify do not differ at all. Both cost ten dollars per month and offer a five dollars discount for college students. Both have a family plan for families up to six people; however, Spotify can be used for free on a shuffle mode only allowing six skips. Apple music is only free to those who own Beats Headphones. Apple Music’s trial lasts three months verses Spotify’s thirty days.

Many people debate the use of Spotify and Apple Music. While as of May 2018, Spotify had around 75 million users, Apple Music had 50 million users. Spotify, has more users due to their free option.

Spotify seems to be an overall better option. There are many die-hard Apple Music fans such as Steven Travers who uses Apple Music “because it does not glitch or freeze and has a larger music selection.”, Apple music has over 45 million songs, ten million more than Spotify’s 35 million.

Many Spotify users love the app because of its design and user friendliness. Many people find comfort with Spotify because they already know the app well. Emma Vormschlag claimed “I know how the app works and I have no reason to change to apple music.” , which shows many of Spotify’s fans are stubborn to change to apple music’s 45 million song selection because of their loyalty to the app.

Spotify and Apple Music are both great services to stream music. Having many similarities, the decision between the two is based solely on loyalty and preference.