Music’s power over your emotions

Music is such an importance in everyday life. Think about how often you listen to music throughout the day: driving to school, doing homework, walking in the hall. Have you ever stop to question how music affects you?

Music is scientifically proven to have an effect on the brain, and it causes emotions to be triggered. Emotions of happiness, sadness, anger, ease, or even memories can be stimulated through music. When a person listens to music, dopamine, a brain chemical, is released, bringing the surge of emotions you feel towards the surface.

Everyone has experienced those moments when music makes the body want to get up and dance. Dancing is another expression that music causes the body to urge, and uplifts your spirits.

Many people struggle with their own emotions, but music is a way for everyone to connect with their feelings. Lyrics can correspond with how someone is feeling, which can lead to the sense of connection that they may not be able to find with people.

Junior, Kayla Nassoiy states, “Music has always been a coping mechanism for me because the different lyrics and notes in each song help to make me feel a different emotion.”

Teens tend to have a strong relationship with their music because they find they are able to get lost in the lyrics and find a sense of ease with themselves and their emotions.

Not only does music allow for emotions to run wild, but it can also trigger certain memories. According to Psych General, “ More than any other stimulus, music has the ability to conjure up images and feelings that need not necessarily be directly reflected in memory.”

People are reminded of memories in many ways, but music is one way that the brain releases the thoughts almost immediately. People relate certain songs to times in their lives, or even a specific song that happened to be playing at a time in someone’s life causes a memory to be placed with that song.

These memories could be related to the death of a loved one, or even a drive with friends on a summer night. Sometimes music will even cause the brain to picture a scenario that may not have even occurred.

Even in movies music has such power in a scene. A horror movie would be less intense if the sound was muted, and a tragic movie wouldn’t cause as much sorrow.

“I was watching this movie, and in it a father and daughter were listening to a Billy Joel song in the car when they got into a car crash, and the father ending up dying. Now I don’t like listening to that song with my dad because it makes me upset,” says junior, Madi McCabe.

Music is such a large part of the world. Music is a way to express oneself, and varies through culture and genres. When a person is first born, the only senses a baby has are. colors, feelings, and sounds, so music is a gateway to life and emotion for the young.

Music is a special way for people to connect, either through same taste or performing. Music’s power over people is such an interesting concept to grasp. As stated by Kayla Nassoiy, “Music is universal, no matter the genre, everyone listens. Music has created some of my greatest friendships, and strengthened others…because of music we are all happier people.”