Who’s the Spookiest: Shocktoberfest, Bates Reviewed


With halloween right around the corner, many thrill junkies are looking for an adrenaline rushing scare.  Over the past month, I have visited two top rated haunted attractions, Shocktoberfest in Reading, PA and Bates Motel in Glen Mills, PA.

Both have many great attractions to offer. Shocktoberfest is a bigger production that has eight attractions, and Bates Motel has three.  Let’s see how Shocktoberfest and Bates Motel matchup.

Shocktoberfest actors put their heart and soul in all parts of the production from the zombie paintball to the haunted prison. Their makeup and costumes were all consistent with each other and none of the actors looked like they just got a zombie face painting at the local farm. The Bates motel actors on the other hand, seemed tired and unenthusiastic with some of the actors makeup not looking up to par. The actors costumes at Bates Motel were sometimes confusing as they tried to touch on multiple themes rather than staying with only one.

As for the special effects, both Shocktoberfest and Bates Motel had a great deal of special effects on their hayrides.  Shocktoberfest had many moments with such intense special effects one would forget this is not real life. They had spinning razors coming close to the customers and the ceiling almost falling. The actors worked well with the special effects, and complemented each other. Bates Motel had many special effects on the hayride, which included: dinosaurs, a sparking power line, and many other moving parts. The actors and the special effects did not complement each other well. The actors distracted the customers from the special effects and vise versa.

Shocktoberfest’s prison certainly reigns victorious over Bates Motel haunted attraction. The prison has strobe lights with many scenes based off of what a prison would look like, including an escape tunnel in which customers must climb through. The prison was dark with multiple actors that made sure to scare you, blocking your way and playing with your hair. Bates Motels motel had many rooms in which were confusing and did not connect to a story line. Too many people were walking through the attraction at the same time making it difficult for the actors to scare the customers because they were all very close.

Shocktoberfest and Bates Motel offer two additional different attractions,as well Shocktoberfest offers laser tag and Bates Motel offers a trail walk. Shocktoberfest laser tag was high energy, playing against an opposing team while having zombies wander around. This interactive part of the attraction allows many of the customers the satisfaction of mimicking a zombie apocalypse, this is a less scary attraction but is surely a fan favorite. Bates Motel’s trail was the scariest and most intense part of all of their attractions. While walking through the trail there are many houses with actors making it difficult for customers to pass through, talking to them and touching them. Many of the actors on the trail have makeup and masks that were well done and truly scary.

Between the two, I would recommend going to Shocktoberfest if you would like to experience a more intense and realistic scare. Shocktoberfest is overall a horrifying attraction, with the actors all working together to make sure you get the best of your money. For a more dialed down experience, I would recommend Bates Motel, which is more child friendly with less actors and more special effects.