Temper Tantrum In Supreme Court

By : Jennamarie Gasko, News Editor

Throughout the past few weeks American newspapers have been plagued with the face of one man, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a 53 year old judge being nominated by current president Donald J. Trump to be elected into the Supreme Court where he will serve a life term and sway the house conservatively.

However, since his interviewing, derailing his validity and nobility, his reputation has been slandered by several women, one of which being psychologist Christine Blasey Ford, as they reveal Kavanaugh’s colorful high school past of partying, underaged, drinking and sexual assault.

Throughout the process the judge has not only expressed his astonishment at being accused of such crimes which continues to tarnish his name, but also his deep rooted anger towards the current Supreme Court justices who have allowed for the national spread of such heinous allegations.

He expressed this on September 27, 2018, when he, as well as Mrs. Ford, were allotted time to plead their cases and make their testimonies. But with no evidence and little to no backing, the question of “Did he or didn’t he?” will probably remain unanswered despite the current ongoing FBI investigation of Ford’s claims.

Regardless of whether or not Judge Kavanaugh is a sexual assailant, whether or not these women are his victims and whether or not these conspiracies are a ploy deviced by the democratic party to keep the nominee out of the court, Kavanaugh has proven himself to be unfit to sit on the supreme court and serve the American Nation.

At 10 a.m this Thursday, Brett Kavanaugh made a testimony after Christine Ford’s which was publicly broadcasted live where he expressed his rage and disappointment. He accused the courts of tarnishing his name and not taking the matter seriously, even going as far as to threaten them for their injustices.

He claims that he is the victim. That the event and fraudulent lies imposed by Mrs. Ford, Mrs. Ramirez and other accusers have ruined the Kavanaugh namesake, frightened his children, and had the ability to ruin to his career. 

Nominee Brett Kavanaugh justifies his hostility and in some ways, incompetence, by saying that he is wrongly accused. And yet, after over two weeks of conversation, he has yet to address the severity of the situation and the pain Mrs. Ford has suffered.

Through this the judge has exemplified and proved his unwillingness to listen to reason, his unwillingness to communicate, and his unwillingness to allow for others to be heard. Leading us to wonder, as a man who will hold the law in his hand, will he serve the people or will he service himself? Will he listen to the outcries of the majority and in many cases, the minority?

No. In tantrums, in times of pressure and in times of questions, Kavanaugh, as he is now, will revert to predation, nervousness, and anger, ignoring all reason. So with deep hopes, deep fears, and deep questioning, Kavanaugh will destroy the supreme court and will continue to be the voice of unhindered aggression. And at a time where America most desperately needs guidance, Kavanaugh just isn’t the charity case the United States needs.

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