A Moment in Time; PV Seniors 2018 Graduation

Christina McFadden, Managing Editor

Last Friday, June 8th, Perkiomen Valley class of 2018 celebrated a memorable graduation, cherishing their final moments of high school as the doors to a new journey quickly follow behind their footsteps.

For the forty-ninth year consecutively, Perkiomen Valley hosted the graduation at the Thomas J. Keenan Stadium; located directly across the school’s campus, with the space capability to hold thousands of guests.

Graduation started promptly at 7:00 at night, with family and friends piling into the bleachers to watch each senior receive their diploma, symbolising their hard work and achievements. Both band and chorus students started off the graduation by playing songs, “The Love of a Friend” and “Benediction” to honor their fellow classmates as they prepared for their procession. After the prelude performed by the band students, National Honor Society President, Zoe Muller, introduced the special occasion which was shortly followed by Thomas Santangelo, class valedictorian. Through his commencement, Thomas Santangelo shared the unique attributes that made these 2018 graduates so different than years past. Santangelo discussed common themes found among Perkiomen Valley, reflecting and making connections that touched the heart of his classmates.

To help supplement Thomas Santangelo’s speech, respected figures, Mrs. Cynthia Moss, Perk Valley High School’s Head Principal, and Dr. Barbara Russell, district superintendent presented a thoughtful synopsis discussing each contribution made by the graduating class to the high school. Both Mrs. Moss and Dr. Russell highlighted major events that defined this exceptional class, such as the title of number one student section and the development of technology throughout their educational experience.

Dr. Russell said, “[This] class has been through so many changes that has helped them grow as a group,” referencing their growth as a class and how they should advance their education and never stop learning.

After the certification of the class was declared by Dr. Barbara Russell, class president, Brendan Schimpf went forward with the presentation of candidates, announcing each senior’s name to congratulate and celebrate their personal success. At approximately 8:30 at night, nearly 420 senior students received their high school diploma, indicating their accomplishment as an official alumni of Perkiomen Valley High School.

These final moments were both emotional and bittersweet to everyone. This year’s graduates cherished many special occasions together that will never be forgotten. Each speaker captured pivotal moments that defined the class of 2018, making sure to leave their mark at PV as they venture forth in life.

Class President Brendan Schimpf closed by saying, “Best of luck to every student as they pursue the next chapter of their life, make us proud!”