Farewell to the Editors

by Julien Padillo, Editor-in-chief

Throughout this 2017-2018 school year, I was given the opportunity of working with a great staff. Each and every one of them had unique talent, and to collaborate alongside them has not only been a pleasure, but an honor. Throughout this year, despite the editing rush, the layout stress, and the times of writers’ block, we as a staff have pushed through time and time again. I am so grateful for each of you, and thank you for making this year be more than a journalism class and more than a newspaper: thank you for making it an experience.

Christina McFadden, you were a great Managing Editor. You worked through your concussion, and you were always so kind and willing to help in whatever area needed a little more push. I’ll miss those few times that we would have lunch together in the library and chat; there is something about you that is so open and inviting you that I can’t ignore.

Maddie Krentz, your contributions extended farther than your role as the News Editor. For each issue, you handled the feature, one of the most pivotal aspects of the paper due to its use of a colored two-page spread— and you were amazing at it. I could always trust you, because I knew that you would be able to handle it. Everyone would come to you with their questions about how to use InDesign. Even though you had the same advice most of the time (“Just Google it! I don’t actually know anything!”), the fact that you had the capability to figure nearly any situation out -even if it was through Google- is what made your efforts truly notable.

Cole Taylor, you were a perfect fit for the Opinions Editor. Each article you wrote was comprised of a firm stance, evidence to back up your point, and word choice that was impeccable. Although such traits seem to be what should be the basic elements of any opinions piece, your articles stood out because they never failed to encapsulate the reader’s attention through your great use of language. Your writing was always consistently incredible, and I honestly admired it so much. I hope that one day I reach the same kind of eloquence as you.

Ariel Levin, being in class with you was always so entertaining, which is probably an indicator of one of the reasons why you were such a wonderful Entertainment Editor. Even from just sitting beside you, I have learned so much about things that I had never given much thought about before, whether it be your extensive thoughts on anime, or the history of drag culture. Your articles were always about something that the common person may not normally pay attention to, and the fact  that you used the newspaper to highlight such interests made the paper more diverse.

Abby Young, thank you for being the Sports Editor. Admittedly, I wish I could have saw you more often. Your contributions did not go unnoticed though, for Mr. Tornambe told us how your involvement was beyond the classroom. Thank you for coming down and taking the time to contribute, even if you didn’t take journalism as a class, and even if we didn’t see you much. Personally, I know nothing about sports! So the fact that we have someone who can actually check every play and recap has been incredibly helpful.

Ryan Schayer, Senior Copy Editor, and Jillian Overholtzer, Copy Editor, I have no idea what we would have done without you. You both worked so hard, and consistently, and you both are one of the main reasons that we were able to push out content that we felt proud of. Thank you for looking and catching everyone’s mistakes (we definitely have made a lot!).

Emily Jenison, Photography Editor, and Olivia Scott, Support Photography Editor, you both did a great job at handling photography. Each photograph captured moments that otherwise would have been lost, and each issue had such outstanding photos. Without pictures, the paper would have been lifeless. Thank you for documenting some of the most pivotal moments of our high school lives.

Mio Bayon, thank you for your support as Social Media Editor. Although the position was new, you definitely got the hang of it, and hopefully your role sets precedent for a greater social media presence of The Voice in the future.

Brandon Service and Eric Londer, thank you for being web editors this year! Thank you so much for making sure the website didn’t fall apart, and for coming in a clutch whenever an online crisis arose.

Alexander Shores, thank you for your support to the staff as an Assistant Editor. I saw you at each meeting, and I admire your dedication to the paper. I hope to see you still contributing next year.

Dani Beck, the proclaimed Layout Editor, or “Editor-in-Chief of OutLaying” as you liked to call yourself, you did a great job at your self-titled position. You noticed the smallest mistakes, working past the journalism class to ensure that the minimum amount of said mistakes were made. Thank you for not getting annoyed (or too annoyed anyway!) with my nitpicking, you were one of the few that really understood what I wanted to achieve with every issue. I appreciate you and your sass so much.

I would also like to mention Matt DiSanto— despite not being an official editor, he more than well deserved to be named one. He filled in and took over when needed, going beyond his position as a staff writer. Disanto helped with a variety of areas, from editing sports articles when we didn’t know what it was talking about, to helping with the social media pages. Regardless of not having a position, you were so dedicated. If anything, he is most definitely an honorary editor.

Once again, thank you all for everything. I am genuinely going to miss our times together in the journalism room, laughing (and also lowkey stressing *cough*Minion Pro*cough*!) and having just a light-hearted time each day. And to each student in my journalism class this year, a momentous thank you to you as well, because without you, there would be no paper at all.

Here’s to the future.

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