PV Students Take On Career Study

“I am doing my career study at Caffeinated Gaming in Zieglerville. I will be learning the ins and outs of running a small business as well as helping organize his products. I would say so. My end goal is to eventually own my own company so this experience will really help me get to that point eventually. I hope that I can learn how to one day learn how to manage a business, whether it is big or small. I would recommend this to anyone who hopes to further their experience and knowledge in a work of field they are interested in. Not to mention you leave school two weeks earlier than those who don’t go on career study.”
“I am completing my career study at Allerton Equine. I will be assisting with the veterinarian tasks dealing with any horse patients. Yes, I want to be an equine vet so this opportunity is very helpful. I hope to learn if this is the career I want to pursue when I leave for college. I strongly believe this is a great opportunity to gain experience in your potential field and would definitely recommend this to underclassmen.”
“I am doing career study at Keenan Ciccito and Associates in Collegeville. I will be helping around the office and attending court when possible with my sponsor, Lynn Fleiser. I am majoring in political science, so yes, interning at a law firm is related to my major. Hopefully I learn more about the law system and the details of how the government works. I would definitely recommend this to underclassmen! It is such an awesome opportunity that not a lot of high schools offer.”
“I am doing career study at Springfield Township Police Department. I will be doing various tasks associated with a local police department including paperwork and ride alongs. Yes, I will be attending PSU to obtain a degree in criminology. I hope to learn more about this field so I have background knowledge before I get to college. Yes, I would recommend this to anyone. It’s a great opportunity to get experience.”
“I am completing my career study at PV Middle School East. I will be shadowing Mr. Delucia. I will be assisting Mr. Delucia with teaching, learning skills, and providing help with any additional activities. Since I want to be a history teacher, I decided to shadow a history teacher to get experience with someone who shares my interests. I hope to learn how to make teaching interesting and engaging. I would recommend career study to all students. It really gives you time to gain experience in your field before you head off to college.”